What is Re:Sell?

We understand that sometimes your circumstances may change, and if you’ve already purchased tickets this could leave you out of pocket. As such, we are launching an official resale platform.

Once you've added your ticket(s) to Re:Sell, we will then attempt to resell your tickets through our sales channels on your behalf. If successful a refund of the face value will be issued to you and tickets transferred to the new customer, otherwise the tickets will be returned to you.

What are the benefits of using Re:Sell?

Buying tickets through unofficial platforms, such as auction sites or secondary market sites can be very risky. You leave yourself open to the risk of either not receiving the money from the buyer or if you are buying, being given fraudulent tickets. Touting can be a serious issue for events and leads to huge losses - ultimately leading to prices being increased for future events to cover losses.

Unfortunately, many customers will use unofficial channels and will then be left out of pocket or unable to gain entry to the event because their tickets aren't valid - a big disappointment if you're turned away at the door.

Re:Sell solves these issues. Because Skiddle are the official ticket agent, we can verify that tickets being returned and resold are genuine. Therefore there is no risk of buying a fraudulent ticket. We also only allow resale at face value to prevent ticket touting for profit. You can also rest assured that refunds will be processed in an official, timely manner.

Does it cost anything?

No, it’s free to resell your tickets.


Can I request the resale of my ticket if the event hasn’t sold out?

You can only request that your tickets are resold if that event has now sold out.

Is this facility available for all events?

Re:Sell is currently an optional service for our event promoters so may not be available for all events.

If your order isn't eligible for Re:Sell, then you can still pass your on your tickets privately to avoid losing out on the money spent. Head 
here for help with transferring the order over to the new recipient.

What happens if I want to sell a first release ticket but we are now on the third release

You will still be able to return your first release ticket, and if resold, you will receive a refund for the face value of the ticket(s) you paid for.

How to resell your ticket

How do i put my tickets on resale?

Simply head to and click 'Request ticket resale'. Once you've done this, you'll you'll be asked to enter the last 4 digits of your payment card for security.

Alternatively, if you have the Skiddle app then head to the 'My tickets' section and under the 'Options' click 'Re:Sell'. Next, you'll select which tickets you wish to put up for Re:Sell and for added security you'll be asked to confirm the last 4 digits of the card used to make the purchase in order to proceed. (Please note: if you have paid using Android or Apple pay then just enter the last 4 digits of the card you have linked to this)

If your card has been replaced then please call 03333 010101 for further assistance. 

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What happens if I want to sell my tickets but keep children's tickets that require an adults ticket?

If you want to resell certain tickets for the event and keep other tickets that require these tickets then you can.

Can I set the resale price?

No, you cannot set resale the price. Tickets are sold at the current face-value to remain fair to all customers.  If your ticket(s) are resold, then you will receive a refund for the face-value of the ticket(s) that you originally paid.

Do you guarantee my ticket will be resold?

We will do our best to resell your ticket, however, this relies on the demand for your tickets. As such we cannot guarantee your tickets will be resold. There is no risk to yourself, as any unsold tickets will be returned to you.

Can I resell my ticket elsewhere?

If you decide to sell your tickets elsewhere and not through our resale system (eg privately to a friend) you must ensure you call us to transfer ownership of the tickets or head to Please ensure you have cancelled any pending Re:Sell requests for your tickets first.

Can I re-sell one ticket from my ticket order (of multiple tickets), or will I need to re-sell the entire order?

Yes, you can resell any part of your original order.

How do I withdraw my ticket from resale?

If you change your mind and would like to cancel your request for tickets to be resold, then you can do so by heading to and click 'Cancel resale request'

Alternatively, if you have the Skiddle app then you can head to the 'My tickets' section and under the 'Options' click 'Re:Sell'. Next you'll see a 'Tickets Pending Re:Sell bar' at the bottom of the screen.'. Click on this and you'll be given the option to cancel Re:Sell once you've selected which tickets you'll like to withdraw.

You will be able to action a cancellation as long as your tickets haven’t already been resold.

Upon cancelling the request, new barcodes will be issued to you.

How many times can I change my mind about reselling my ticket(s)?

You can change your mind if you wish but bear in mind that if you request a resale again, your tickets will be placed to the back of the resale queue.

I accidentally put a ticket up for resale and it sold quickly but I wanted the ticket, what do I do?

You are asked to confirm that you wish to resell your ticket. You can revoke this request up until the ticket is resold. After this time we cannot reverse the resale.

How close to the event can I request a resale of my ticket(s)?

There will be an expiry date set by the event promoter, which could be anytime up until a few hours before the event. You can request a resale until the expiry date, but be aware that the later you leave it, the less chance there is of us being able to resell your tickets.

You may also make the expiry date and time earlier if you wish to give yourself more notice before the event to keep your ticket. 

Receiving your refund

If my ticket has been resold how long until I get refunded?

You will be refunded within 24 hours of the ticket resale, the refund will be made to the card you paid with.

My card details are no longer valid, how do I get a refund?

If you've had your card replaced since being granted a refund then not to worry as your refund will still go back to the linked account as normal.

Will I get a full refund, including booking fees and delivery charge?

You will receive the full face value of the tickets that have been resold. You will not receive the booking fee or delivery charge in the case of a resale.

Unsold tickets

When will I be informed if my tickets don’t get resold?

For each event, we set an ‘expiry’ date for the resale. This will be shown in the email confirmation you receive after requesting a resale. Any tickets not sold by this time will be returned to you and will be valid for entry.

What happens if my ticket doesn't get resold and I still want my money back?

You would need to check the refund policy in place for the event. Our standard policy is that refunds can only be offered if the event is cancelled or postponed, as agreed in the Terms and Conditions upon purchase.


I purchased a ticket by accident, want my money back and don't want to resell it

Please contact us regarding our refunds policy. Our standard policy is that refunds can only be offered if the event is cancelled or postponed, as agreed in the Terms and Conditions upon purchase. However. you may qualify for a refund under our Cool:Off policy

Where do I buy resale tickets?

Resale tickets will be available just like any other event ticket, on the event page. Just proceed to buy a ticket as you normally would.