Buying tickets through unofficial platforms, such as auction sites or secondary market sites can be very risky.

You leave yourself open to the risk of either not receiving the money from the buyer or if you are buying, being given fraudulent tickets.

Touting can be a serious issue for events and leads to huge losses - ultimately leading to prices being increased for future events to cover losses.

Unfortunately, many customers will use unofficial channels and will then be left out of pocket or unable to gain entry to the event because their tickets aren't valid - a big disappointment if you're turned away at the door.

Re:Sell solves these issues. Because Skiddle are the official ticket agent, we can verify that tickets being returned and resold are genuine. Therefore there is no risk of buying a fraudulent ticket.

We only allow resale at face value to prevent ticket touting for profit. You can also rest assured that refunds will be processed in an official, timely manner.