Why am I in the queue?

Demand for this event is very high and to make the experience fair and efficient for everyone we’ve enabled the queuing system.

How often will my position update?

Your position will update every minute.

What’s the countdown in the top right corner?

This is how often we check to see if your position has updated.

But I'm now confused, you said you update my position every minute.

We update your actual position every minute but we check for that position change every 20 seconds.

What’s a token?

A token is your unique identifier in the queue. We use this to determine your position, and if you return we can re-add you to the queue with your last known position.

If I've joined the queue and I leave, will I retain my place in the queue if I revisit?

Yes, we use a unique token to identify where you was in the queue before you left.

I got through to buy tickets, closed my browser by mistake, have I lost my position?

No, you will be able to go to the event page and buy your tickets.

After I've bought tickets and I want more will I go to the front of the queue?

No, you will join at the back of the queue and go through the same process.

If I've got to the front of the queue on one device will I be at the front on another?

No, your unique token is on a per device basis. Each device will have its own unique token.

The queue doesn’t load, I've got a blank screen or it doesn’t look right

Please contact us with any errors.

A message ‘This queue is now closed, please return to Skiddle’ suddenly came up

This means we’ve either closed the queue early or the queue is closed.

A message ‘This event is now sold out’ appeared.

This means the event has now sold out and no more tickets are currently available. You’ll be able to keep checking the event page to see if any come available. E.g. if people change their minds while buying tickets.

I got a ‘Something went wrong’ message while I was in the queue

Please contact us with any errors.

What is the big countdown in the middle of the screen?

This is when the tickets go on sale and the queue opens.

How do I leave the queue?

You can close the browser window or just navigate away.

What does generating queue position mean?

Before the tickets go on sale everyone that goes onto the queue system will be put in a ‘waiting room’. When tickets go on sale i.e. countdown reaches zero we randomly give everyone a position in the queue.

Is the queue first come first serve?

No, before the tickets go on sale we give everyone a random queue position to make it fair. It doesn’t matter if you joined the queue an hour before or a minute before you will still get a random position.

Can I see what tickets are available whilst I'm in the queue?

Yes, you will be able to see all tickets and their availability.