Equinox Festival FAQs

Q: Do all under 16’s require a ticket?

A: Yes, under 5’s tickets are free, but they do need a ticket.

Q: Do Equinox provide Carer's tickets?

A: Yes, the festival also features a a dedicated mobility camping area- please email access@equinoxfestival.uk for an application form.

Q: Beer/ wine/ spirits. Are you allowed to bring your own onto the campsite site or festival grounds?

A: Yes, by all means bring your own ( limited to a reasonable amount for your own personal consumption) but there will also be a bar at normal pub prices. NO GLASS PLEASE, ANY GLASS WILL BE CONFISCATED.

Q: Is there anyone who can help with transporting my bags/ tents etc?

A: Sherpas may be available to carry your things for a small fee.

Q: What sort of prices can I expect to pay for tea/ coffee, beer, food etc.?

A: Some festivals can be very expensive for this! 

This is part of the reason why Equinox Festival exists- everything at Equinox will be reasonably priced. High Street prices at most.

Q: What day does the campsite open on? What time?

A: The campsite will be open 10.00am Friday. You are welcome to stay until Midday on Monday, to allow you time to get a decent sleep and some food if needed before you go, we will then be starting to clear up the site.

Q: Can I buy a parking ticket at the gate?

A: Yes, but please buy in advance if you can as this will be easier and also it will be more expensive on the gate.

Q: Can I buy a campervan/ caravan ticket at the gate?

A: These will probably sell out in advance. If any remain they will also be more expensive on the gate. Please buy in advance!

Q: Does the festival have separate camping areas for families and the louder festival goers?

A: There will be a separate family camping area at the top of the field.

Q: How is the ticket money broken down?

A: All of it is spent creating the best festival in the universe. Equinox does not want to get bigger, just better :-)

Q: Are barbecues and fires allowed on the campsite?

A: Your own barbecues can be used in our designated cooking area, as long as they are used safely and do not scorch the land, or you can use the facilities we provide for this. There are no barbecues or fires permitted in the campsites. Do not use fires and barbecues inside the tents! This is not permitted and it can cause carbon-monoxide poisoning - we want you to be safe and enjoy your weekend.

Q: Is it a case of parking your car by your tent or will the car park be separate?

A: Camping will be separate from parking, so a short walk will be required- there may be a Sherpa available to carry your things for a small charge if you're feeling especially tired.

Q: Are drugs legal at Equinox?

A: No. The law of the land applies just as much at Equinox as it does anywhere else! You may be searched on entry, police may be on site.

Q: Do the gates shut at night?

A: Yes, there is strictly no admission after 10.00pm please be sure to arrive before then, and if you have to leave site, make sure you return before 10.00pm

Q: Is there an online forum anywhere?

A: Yes- it's here! Equinox on Facebook

Q: Can I bring my independent sound system or rig?

A: We are very sorry, but as Equinox is a small family-friendly festival with a lot of entertainment and fun things to do at all times, we cannot allow independent sound systems on site.