What are the benefits of Payment Plan?

In the past, deposit tickets sold via Skiddle had payment schemes with a deadline which had to be manually paid. Although reminder emails are always sent, on occasions, this caused unnecessary stress if the due date was missed for example.

Payments are now fully automated, more flexible and you don't have to worry about missing that all important due date for your event ticket!

Where can I find details of my payment plan, including payments I've already made?

You can find this within your confirmation email sent to you upon completion of your order (at the bottom) as well as your order history, skiddle.com/orders

Can I transfer my payment plan order to someone else? If so then how?  

Yes. To do this simply head to https://www.skiddle.com/orders/ then click 'Edit details' and input the new recipient's details. Once you've done so you'll be given the option to remove your payment details from the order (so that you're not charged with any future payments)  

Can I cancel my payment plan?

Yes. If you choose to do this then you will NOT BE REFUNDED any payments already made and you will not be permitted entry to the event without purchasing a new ticket.

Can I cancel part of my order (if I've purchased more than one Payment Plan ticket)?

Yes, you will be able to choose to cancel a payment plan on a ticket-specific level - i.e if you purchase a 2-day payment plan ticket and a 3-day payment plan ticket, you can request cancel either (or both) ticket from within the order. If you choose to cancel your payment plan ticket then you will NOT BE REFUNDED any payments.

What happens if the card I originally paid with has changed?

You can update your payment details by heading to skiddle.com/orders. To complete this process you'll also be asked to accept your payment plan as we'll need your authorisation to process future payments on your updated card.

It's advisable to update the card at least 24 hours before the next payment due date.

What happens if I don't have the available funds for a payment?

If your card is declined, you will be notified via email on the due date. At this point, you may provide an alternative card. Any alternative card must belong to, and be in the name of, the original purchaser. If we are not provided with an alternative card we will attempt payment 24 hours later on the 2nd of the month. If this payment fails, we will email you again and attempt payment again 72 hours later on the 5th of the month.

If payment is not received within 5 days of the applicable due date for which payment is due, the purchase of the ticket will be placed on hold until you can arrange an alternative payment method.  If you do not do this, the payment plan for this ticket may be cancelled and your ticket void, and you will not receive the barcodes or a refund for any paid Instalments (including booking fee).

What happens if my order has been placed on pause and I've now updated the payment details?
A payment will automatically be attempted the next day (including Saturday and Sunday). Payment will be taken for any outstanding instalments that have been missed. 

If the payment details aren't updated the order will remain on pause. 

What happens if the alternate payment card that I provide is also declined, after the 5 day period? Can I supply another?

In some extreme cases we may allow for customers to provide new payment details after the initial 5 day period.  This will be determined on an individual case by case basis.  Please contact customer care on 0333 010101 to discuss further.

Can I make a manual payment before an instalment is due to be taken? How?

Yes. If you miss an automated payment, then you can make a manual payment online by heading to https://www.skiddle.com/orders/ - Call 03333 010101 for assistance.

Can I have a payment reversed?

No. All payments and associated fees are non-refundable and no claim can be made to recover this money whatsoever.

When will the first payment be taken after I've paid the deposit?

Deposit payments are taken on the 1st of the month. If you purchase the deposit mid-month i.e. 20th then it would skip a month. So for example, if you purchased on the 20th November then the first payment would be taken on the 1st January

Can I pay the balance at the gate?

You cannot pay the balance at the gate. If you arrive at the gate with only a receipt for a part paid ticket then you will not be allowed entry.

Will I be notified before each payment is taken ?

We will send you an email you before each payment date if you have a balance outstanding. Please make sure the email address on your order is correct.

Will I get a receipt for each payment?

You will receive an email receipt for your Initial Payment and each Instalment but you will only receive the full barcoded ticket once the whole value of the ticket/s has been paid.

My barcoded tickets aren't showing up in my order history\app, why is this?

The order will show as paid within your order history and within the 'My tickets' section of the app. However, you will only receive the full barcoded ticket once the whole value of the ticket/s has been paid.

For some high profile events, we may suspend the barcodes until just before the event date to prevent unauthorised duplication (and to keep pesky touts at bay). In this case, a message will display to let you know when the barcodes will be released.

Where can I find the ts&cs of my payment plan?

You can view these via the event listing before adding and deposit tickets to your basket. Simply click 'view terms and conditions' and a box will appear with the payment plan terms and conditions.

You will also be shown an 'Accept your payment plan' box on the checkout page and you must check the 'I agree to the payment plan terms and conditions' box before completing your order.

Lastly, the ts&cs are included in your email confirmation which you'll receive once the booking has been made. You can resend this at any time by heading to skiddle.com/orders >Resend receipt

Can I request the resale of my Payment Plan ticket via Re:Sell?

This will only be available subject to status (click here for more info) and if all payments have been made.

Can I request Cool:Off on a Payment Plan order?

As long as you're within the Cool:off period then yes. (click here for more info)

When will each instalment be taken?

Once you have signed up and made the Initial Payment, Skiddle will then automatically debit your payment method on a monthly basis consecutively for the number of months laid out in the events payment plan terms and conditions. Payments will be taken on or around the 1st of each month.

How many instalments do I need to pay?

Again, this will depend on the number of installments involved with the particular Payment plan ticket you've purchased.

How much will each instalment cost?

This will depend entirely on the total price of the ticket which is set by the organiser. However, the costs involved are ALWAYS clearly displayed at the point of purchase and within the Payment Plan terms and conditions

Will I be charged Booking fees on each instalment?

The booking fee is charged to the DEPOSIT ticket only for the whole amount. For example, if the total cost of your Payment Plan ticket is £100 and your deposit payment is £10, then you will pay £10.25 upfront

Can I alter the date that an instalment is due to be taken?

You may not be able to specify a specific date for payments to be taken.  You must ensure that you have the required funds on the first day of each consecutive month the payment plan runs for.

I've purchased the wrong Deposit Payment Plan ticket(s), what can I do?

If you have purchased the wrong ticket(s), you MUST contact customer care as soon as possible.  Please call us on 0333 010101.

I've purchased the wrong Deposit Payment Plan ticket(s) and the subsequent instalment(s) taken, what can I do?

If you have made a monthly payment for a ticket, we will not be able to refund your ticket or any instalments paid.  We suggest that you pay the full balance of the ticket as you may be able to add the ticket to Re:sell (if the promoter has enabled it) or transfer the ticket to another customer.  If you do not continue the monthly installments for a ticket you will lose any money paid up to that point.  

I've purchased multiple payment plan tickets and need to cancel one of them. Is this possible?

Yes, you can choose to cancel a payment plan on a ticket-specific level. For example, if you've purchased a 2-day and 3-day payment plan ticket, then you can cancel the payment plan on either the 2-day or the 3-day ticket only. 

Can I pay the full balance of my Payment Plan ticket(s) early?

No. Currently this facility is not in place

Is there anything else I need to know?

It is recommended that you ensure that adequate funds are in place to process the payment of all Instalments on the dates set out above and that your credit or debit card does not expire before the final Instalment can be charged.