To ensure you make the most of your time at Junction 2 in Boston Manor Park on Saturday 9th June 2018 here is all you need to know.


When arriving / leaving please please do so as quietly and respectfully as humanly possible. 

This is a lovely residential area and we would like to be invited back again. 

Please dispose of any litter in the bins provided and use the portable toilets / urinals next to the station and urinals provided along the route. 

Please follow the event signage to the site.

  •   This is a daytime event
  •   Gates open at 12.00pm (midday)
  •   Last entry is 6.00pm
  •   If you hold ‘early entry’ ticket and arrive after 2pm, you will be asked to pay additional £10 on the door.


We’ll be operating a token system.

  •      Bars will ONLY take tokens.
  •      Tokens can also be used for food, cigarettes, the glitter station, merchandise & lockers (you may need to top up the difference with cash though). You can buy tokens using cash or card.
  •      Cash can be used for food, cigarettes and the glitter station and there will be 4 cash machines on site.
  •      Bring cash to site anyway, just in case.
  •      Debit or credit cards can be used for merchandise and lockers.
  •      You can claim refunds til 10.00pm from the tokens desk.
  •      Please look after your tokens, we cannot accept responsibility for damaged, lost or stolen tokens.


These will be given out for free on arrival, you can also grab a copy from Info Point throughout the day.


JUNCTION 2 is being filmed, live streamed and photographs will be taken across the weekend. Smile 


Drugs are illegal and strictly prohibited on site. We will be conducting thorough entry searches, and anybody found in possession of controlled substances will be refused admission without refund and handed over to the police. Whilst we uphold a zero tolerance policy, should anybody begin to feel unwell as a result of substance misuse, we urge them to contact our specially-trained staff without fear of judgement. There will be an onsite welfare facility as well as a designated medics room, where our staff can assist people with issues such as substance awareness, mental health and any other issues. They also support people with existing health conditions wish to attend but may find they need additional support.


Boston Manor Park, TW8 9JJ

Arriving at Junction 2

We advise traveling by public transport as there is no parking on site.

Click here to plan with TFL

Top tip: We recommend travelling to Brentford Train Station it’s closer to site and quicker from central London. 

You can also use your Oyster / contactless credit or debit card at this station.

Toilets on arrival & exit

In case you get caught short when on the way to or from our event please use the portaloos and urinals provided. 

Boston Manor station also has loos to use (with a charge of 20p). 

Please respect residents and don’t wee in the streets, in people’s gardens or on their doorsteps.

Leaving Junction 2…

Boston Manor Park is situated in a lovely, residential area. 

Please be respectful and help us leave a positive impression with the locals so that we can come back here next year.


There is NO parking anywhere near the venue and we don’t want you clogging up residential roads and parking spaces. 

There will be a series of road closures in place throughout the day – you might not be able to move your car until Sunday morning if you do manage to find a space.


Trains & Tube

Last Eastbound trains from Brentford (recommended station):









Last Eastbound trains from Boston Manor tube station: It’s a 24h service!

Nearest train station – Brentford / 8 min walk – 0.4 miles

  • Clapham Junction – 20 mins
  • Vauxhall – 26 mins
  • Waterloo – 30 mins
  • London Bridge – 40 mins
  • Liverpool Street – 52 mins

Nearest tube station – Boston Manor (Piccadilly) / 11 min walk – 0.6 miles

  • Hammersmith – 19 mins
  • Green Park – 31 mins
  • Victoria – 34 mins

Taxis / Lifts

There will be a taxi rank for drop-offs and collections. Please use the post code TW8 8DS for both drop offs and pick-ups through the day and evening.

There will be a number of road closures in place to facilitate a safe exit from the festival; all private hire vehicles (to include Uber) and personal lifts will be redirected to the dedicated pick-up point (post code: TW8 8DS)


There are buses that can get you to the event.

Please use the CityMapper App or plan your journey here with TFL.

The bus stops on Boston Manor Road are within the road closure. 

E8 and 195 bus routes will be affected with southbound buses being diverted via Northfield Avenue and Windmill Road.



If you cannot find the email with your ticket – Please log in to the site you bought them from and you can download them from there. 

Any further problems please contact the ticketing site directly.


Your tickets will be checked and scanned on arrival. 

Printing your ticket out will definitely speed up entry, but it is not compulsory. 

If you want to save some trees, having your ticket on your phone is absolutely fine too.

The event is over 18s only. Challenge 25 will be in operation, so you know the score – 

if you’re lucky enough to look under 25, you’ll be asked to provide photo ID proving that you are of age. 

Please take it as a compliment – and remember to bring some photo ID with you.

The only accepted forms of ID are a valid and up to date passport, driving license or home office approved proof of age card or a foreign national ID card that clearly displays the PASS hologram. 

Birth certificates will not be accepted as they are not valid forms of photo ID.

When queuing, please do so as quietly and respectfully as humanly possible. 

We’ve made sure that there are enough lanes to make your entry as quick and painless as possible.


All tickets are standing.

If you hold ‘early entry’ ticket and arrive after 2pm, you will be asked to pay additional £10 on the door.


Please do bear in mind that you will be searched upon entry.

We operate a zero-tolerance policy towards illegal drugs and legal highs. 

You cannot bring pressurised gas canisters into the venue and you will be asked to surrender any canisters or be refused entry.

No food or drink will be allowed into the venue either. 

Cosmetic products and vape liquids are allowed at the discretion of the security staff but only in small containers.

No glass allowed.

We reserve the right to prohibit any items or goods within our venue, including, but not limited to:

  •       Items which are or may be illegal
  •       Weapons
  •       Ammunition
  •       Explosives
  •       Horns and loudhailers
  •       Whistles
  •       Drums
  •       Fireworks, flares
  •       Flagpoles, sticks
  •       Large umbrellas
  •       Perfume bottles & aerosols
  •       Spray paint, graffiti pens
  •       Legal highs & New Psychoactive Substances (NPS)
  •       Nitrous Oxide “Laughing gas” canisters and dispensers
  •       Medication (please email ahead of the event)
  •       Food, alcohol and soft drinks, glass and cans
  •       Folding chairs, stools and tables
  •       Shooting/selfie sticks
  •       Luggage and bags larger than an A4 piece of paper (21cm x 29cm)
  •       Animals (except assistance dogs)
  •       Professional cameras (such as DSLRs), film, video or any other recording equipment
  •       Laser pens
  •       Any sports equipment
  •       Candles, lanterns
  •       High-vis bibs, jackets or vests
  •       Any other articles which may be a danger to public or cause nuisance

For full list of prohibited items and further T&Cs please visit:


  Our official outlets are Ticket Tannoy, Resident Advisor, Skiddle, See Tickets, Ticketweb, Dice, Fever & Ticket Arena and a few selected physical ticket outlets.

  •   DO NOT buy from – Stubhub, Viagogo, Gumtree, Ebay or Event Brite (or similar 3rd party) as these could be scams or duplicates and you will get refused entry.
  •   Will there be tickets for sale on the door? – This event will sell out in advance and we don’t foresee ticket sales on the door.



At its heart, Junction 2 is a celebration of the natural features that Boston Manor Park has to offer. 

More than any other inner-city festival, it champions the site’s unique landscape. Traditionally, large-scale festivals are notorious wasteful. 

Huge levels of disposables and unsightly debris are common in the wake of events this size. As responsible organisers we are committed to bucking this trend. 

We are actively aiming to reduce the amount of waste we produce and limit our carbon footprint. 

We are continually looking at more sustainable alternatives for products and suppliers/contractors who share our values.


We hand pick suppliers who share our environmental and sustainable values. 

Whilst we acknowledge there is still room for improvement, we take pride that our food vendors are increasingly sourcing their products responsibly.


We inherently believe that going clubbing and attending festivals should not only be a positive, life-affirming experience for everybody – but should be a “safe haven” for people to be themselves and respect others. Everybody is treated as equal, regardless of their ethnicity, gender-identity, sexual-orientation, age, faith or disability. We encourage anybody who feels uncomfortable or intimidated to approach our staff with confidence. Discretion assured. Discrimination and harassment of any form goes against everything we stand for, and it won’t be tolerated at any of our events. More information can be found on the Ask Angela posters around site.


As with all of our shows, we have a large number of industry guestlist coming to J2. 

In exchange for complimentary admission, we ask for a £10 donation to a charitable endeavour of our choosing. 

We chose to assist charities within the local area and on the grounds of who we believe most needs our support around the time of the event. 

On this occasion we will be partnering with the Hounslow Council and Friends of Boston Manor. 

They are responsible for the maintenance and restoration of Boston Manor House and the surrounding grassland. 

In this case, we will be fundraising with a very specific project in mind. So if you are fortunate to find yourself on the guestlist, please remember to bring £10 cash for donation upon arrival. 

We will be shedding more light on this project across our social media channels as it comes to fruition.