Can I camp on Friday night if I have a Saturday ticket? 
No. Your Saturday ticket gives you access to the event from 09:00 on the Saturday morning.

Which area should I camp in?
If you are bringing children, you should go to the family area (green pass) which is for families only and if you require quiet camping, you should go to the quiet area (yellow pass) but you will be moved from both areas to the general camping area if you make a noise there; campervan and caravans should go to the area set aside for them (blue pass); disabled campers should go to the zone designated for them (orange pass). Yes, disabled campers can camp in the designated zone (orange pass) 

Is there family camping?
If you are bringing children, you can camp in the family area (green pass) which is for families only, however you may be removed to general camping if you make excessive noise.

Is there disabled camping?

Yes, disabled campers can camp in the designated zone (orange pass)

What time do I have to leave by?
13:00 on Sunday 6th August

Tipis and yurts – how do I hire? 
Go to the Glamping page via

Is there a limit on tent size and can we bring a gazebo? 
There is no limit and you can bring gazebos, but we ask you to use space economically so as to make as much room as possible for others.

How far will we have to walk from the car park to the family or quiet campsite? 
This will very much depend on when you arrive and where you want to camp; your walk could be anything from five to fifteen minutes, depending on these factors. The quiet campsite is a 15 minute walk from the green car park.

Showers – are there any? 
FRIENDLY FLUSH may provide paid-for showers at the Friendly Flush posh loos location.
This will be confirmed nearer the event date. Friendly Flush will be located in the same place as previous years, at the top of the Hothouse / Red Camping fields. 

In order to access this 24 hour facility you will need to leave and re-enter the arena via the security checkpoint.

Is there water and are there sinks? 
Yes, there are water points and sinks.

Can I bring in:  BBQ / Gas cooker?
Yes – but please see the section below on the safe use of gas.

Can I sleep in my car in the car park? 
No. Health & safety regulations don't allow it. For your own safety, you must sleep in designated areas.