Can I leave my children at the festival? 
No – everyone under 18 has to be accompanied by a ticket-holding person aged 21 & over and to enter the event with that ticket-holding adult (max 2 under 18s per adult) who must remain at the event; it is highly irresponsible to leave your children and minors unsupervised at the festival and incidents of this nature will be reported to the authorities.

Is the festival safe for children? 
Bella is very much a family festival and each year we have over 2000 children aged 12 and under with plenty for them to do; however, there are adults only areas of the festival and it is your responsibility to keep care of your children and / or dependents at all times at the festival. You are advised not to take your child to the front of any arena when it is busy.

What do I do if I lose my child? 
Make contact with the nearest steward or go to the Festival Welfare Office

My child turns 13 on 3rd August – does he/she need a full ticket? 
Yes. But if your child turns 13 from the 4th August onwards, they can enter on a 12 & under ticket.

Is there a lower age limit on children attending the festival? 

Do I need a 12 & Under Ticket for a babe in arms or toddler? 
Preferably. But if you don’t have one, we’re not going to send you away!