Arrival times:
We would advise arriving at the festival as early as possible to avoid potential traffic delays. 

3 Day Adult Ticket: access to headliner and support on the main (Garden) stage Thursday night & to parking/ camping from 0800 on the Thursday and access to the arena, Grassroots Stage ceilidh etc from approximately 1600 on the Thursday

2 Day Adult Ticket: parking/ camping from 0800 on the Thursday and to the arena and the Grassroots Stage ceilidh from approximately 1600 on the Thursday, but not headliner and support on the main (Garden) stage Thursday night 

Saturday Adult Ticket: access to arenas and campsites from 0900 on the Saturday and 1300 on the Sunday. 

The busiest periods for arrival are from 1600-2000 on Thursday so we advise that you avoid coming to the festival during this period if possible.
There are regular bus services to the festival from Inverness (Stagecoach) and the local area (Ross’s Minibuses). Please see the 

On the day, we advise you listen to local radio and check travel updates online and via social media to ensure the least possible delay.

You must have a valid e-ticket or printed ticket joined to its stub to obtain a valid wristband, and you must have a valid wristband to enter the event. Your purchase of a ticket and admission to the event signify your acceptance of the terms and conditions on the ticket and on the event web site. There is no readmission without a valid wristband. Lost, stolen, altered or incomplete tickets will be invalid and will not be exchanged for wristbands or allowed entry. Holders of wristbands that have been lost, stolen or tampered with in any way will not be granted admission. Wristbands are non-transferable.

How late can I arrive?
0100 Thursday; 2200 Friday and Saturday.

What is the post code for the festival?

Can I leave and return later?
Yes but if you leave after midnight any night, you won’t be able to get back in until 0800.

How far will we have to walk from the car park to the family or quiet campsite?
This will very much depend on when you arrive and where you want to camp; your walk could be anything from five to fifteen minutes.

Can I leave my car if I am unsafe to drive?
Yes, you can leave your car where it is parked and collect it within 2 days.

What time do I have to leave by?
1300 on Sunday 6th August

Are there buses to the event?
Yes, we will update our travel information page with 2016 bus times and information in due course.